Rice Crackle, Dark, Coffee


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Chocolate can be good for you — really! Dark chocolate is a form of chocolate containing cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and Cane Sugar. Cocoa Nibs are used to prepare this Chocolate and after a minimum of 24 hours, they are ready to mould.

This Pack of 3 Chocolate Bars include all lip-smacking flavours: Orange, Bhut Jolokia(Meghalayan Chilli), Coffee Cinnamon, Rice Crackle, Thandai, 65% Plain Dark and 75% Plain Dark(Premium) Bars.

Indulging Indian flavours, with the slightly acidic and bitter notes of the actual bean are used to make these delicious and smooth chocolate bars. Select your flavours and enjoy the pack of 3, easy for gifting your loved ones.


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