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Saffron Almond Chocolate – White 

Talk about exotic culinary ingredients and you cannot miss saffron and almonds in that mix. One of the most expensive cash crops in India, Saffron is considered India’s Spice of Life. The lifeblood of thousands of traditional culinary journeys across generations, Kesar or saffron is hardly the unsung hero of a dish. If anything, it pretty much heroes any dish that it is added to. We source our saffron from the best traders in Jammu and Kashmir and handcraft our saffron chocolates with a tinge of Kesari hue but embracing your senses and leaving memories of a lifetime.

Smooth white chocolates containing powdered roasted almonds with a tinge of its water and its thread on each piece complete our signature range of Saffron Almond Chocolates. We at ‘Heritage on My Plate’ do not bat an eyelid when we bring to you an amalgamation of the best ingredients to create something luscious, anew.

For those looking for health benefits, saffron is rich in antioxidants.

Trust us to say that this delectable signature range of our saffron almond white chocolates is to die for! Well, not dying, but worth a bite with or without a celebration! We are the only ones who prepare these unique chocolates to please your taste buds, so go for it!


Persians brought Saffron to India around 500 BC. However, according to the traditional Kashmiri legends, the two Sufi ascetics, Khawaja Masood wali (r.a) and Sheikh Sharif-u-din wali (r.a) during the 11th and 12th centuries A.D brought it to the region. Both the foreigners having fallen sick, beseeched a cure for the illness from a local tribal chieftain. To this day, grateful prayers are offered to the two saints during the harvesting season in late autumn. The Kashmiri Hindu epics of that time mention its cultivation as well. ”In the beautiful valley of Kashmir, fields of it have heralded the dawn for close to 2500 years.” The rich aroma of it marks all celebrations in Kashmir, like the Saffron Kahwa, a traditional Kashmiri beverage that is a must on such occasions. No festivity is considered complete without it.


Saffron is famous in the world for its fine flavor, color, and medicinal value. It has shown its role in disease prevention and its treatment. The stigma is rich in antioxidants and prevents the degeneration of cells. The components of saffron, crocin, and safranal help in the suppression of inflammatory pain responses and decreased the number of neutrophils. Safranal has a protective effect against nephrotoxicity and is cardioprotective. It also reduces fasting blood glucose levels and also exhibits an anti-tumor effect.



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  1. Rahul

    They are the best white chocolate flavour , i ever had…!

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